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The site access Pass Word is   Bw62ap34ef51

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It will/could/should be open at some point during my GMT day!

Usually anytime from 2 pm onwards until 2 am  sometimes!

Please understand and N.B. You do not Earn profit on the advertising packs that you purchase. 
No member must lead any invited new potential members to believe that profits will come from your/our activity!

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Hi My Friend Look!
Please find below the sign up link for the registration page to create a CAP's account!

The CAP's site still has an access password for the sign up page which is:       


Sorry to say but for now no one can advertise CAP's on any social media it has to be done only in private chat for now like I am doing with you now!

To earn buy a $70 founders pack for now just $35 : You must introduce 2 members with at least say for now a $35 pack or at least a $22 funded account to access the binary but you may just get some spill over but do not rely on that!

Welcome to CAP's which is not a Rev Share we just sell ad packs to earn any comm's by using a key system.

Best Regards from me Andy Cummings your referring CAP'S platform site Member.

Watch my page here

It will change with new info placed on it which I will be adding to it at yet again at some point soon! 

 Look! This is really important! We need to fund our new CAP's site wallet's with at least $22 in bitcoin ASAP via your CAP's back office!

Plus! When you try to fund your account using the Fund Wallet link tab!

We only get 10 minutes to do the process so do have your Blockchain or Coinbase or whatever system you use to store your crypto currency in to do that back office procedure so do open that account in a browser window on your PC at the same time you have your CAP's back office open in another browser window on your PC!

This is so you can jump from one account to the other so you can add the BTC amount you see with (copy n paste function) that the CAP's site generates!

Plus then copy n paste the pay to account reference shown and add that also to your process payment system.

When that's done your system will or should advise what extra fee's need to be added to enable the process to complete.

You can or could go for the faster transfer fee cost on top or not upto us is that as it will cost a $ or 2 more!

Once activated then it can take anything from 20 minutes to maybe an hour or longer for the funding to hit your Cap's back office account.

Once you see the $22 or whatever you choose in your new Cap's back office it will show top left of the page!

Then when seen just click on the Packs link top of the site and choose ad pack then you will see buy ad pack over to you left on screen click that and choose 2 packs and follow through to buy.

If it works you will see a green confirmation light up at top of page if not it will turn red which means your funds have not been processed yet!

I will do a video of the process at some point and add it to my own personal FB group I will ad you too if you accept that help!

We all need to do this asap to get into the binary system within the CAP's site ASAP because all involved now can now invite new people to join CAP's with our join links and those who say yes will be offered a $70 pack for just $35 and if your not in the binary system now ASAP new people even could get ahead on you not to mention the 1000's of emails that are about to be sent out as invites by admin's of the site and some of those invites who join CAP's could fall below any of us in the binary system which is a plus for us involved now should that occur!

I will also create a DOC at some point to try explain a few things we all need to know.





Adding banners in CAP from Danny Hall on Vimeo.

 AndyC With Your BestOnTheNetInfo on Vimeo.