Building Websites is way too much work!!

 STEP 1:  Identify a profitable niche, best product, Identify the brands which are most trustworthy.

STEP 2:  Do Keyword Research around the product chosen in the specific niche. 

STEP 3:  Buy a Domain for the keyword you decide to focus on.

STEP 4: Find a theme for your website based on the niche keyword.

STEP 5: Get hosting for your website.

>>>>>>Most people give up give up when they get to Step 6 <<<<<<<

STEP 6: Research and collect content .ie.. videos, articles, reviews

STEP 7: Optimize- header tags, Meta description, title, Meta keyword.

STEP 8: Submit website to search engines to get indexed.

STEP 9: Submit  to Directories MANUALLY.

STEP 10: Social bookmarking.MANUALLY 

STEP 11:  Build quality backlinks manually for search engine rank which is based on  quality back links . 

STEP 12: Add the New HTML tags to allow engines to understand the pages better.



The Solution is: Data-driven interactive design (DDID)

DDID is the  difference between a website and a powerful business tool that runs the technical side for you.  This is hands-
down, the BEST way to run any online business.  You won't find many people promoting this platform because the answer to "what's in it for me" isn't enough incentive for marketers . . . unless they are web designers too.  

Will Smith confirms what most of us already know.

Online Business Platform for Real Business 
that won't make you go buggy!;



Sneaky Headline Formula #1:

"Give Me ___ Minutes And I'll Show You How To ___ As Easily As Turning A Water Faucet!"

Sneaky Headline Formula #2:

"Now You Can Quickly And Easily Get ___ Every Day... Without Wasting Another Dime Ever Again!"

Sneaky Headline Formula #3:

"Introducing A Revolutionary New Approach To ___ - And How YOU Can Take Advantage Of It Before Anyone Else!"

Sneaky Headline Formula #4:

"Expert ____ Reveals How To ____ From ____ That Works For You Whether You Are Awake Or Asleep!"

Sneaky Headline Formula #5:

"Attract More ___, Multiply Your ____ And Supercharge Your ___ With ____!"

Sneaky Headline Formula #6:

"Finally, The First Ever Practical, Step-by-Step Roadmap To ____ Success No Matter What ____ ...100% Guaranteed!"

Sneaky Headline Formula #7:

"They Laughed When I ___ -- But When I ____ -- They Started Begging Me To Reveal My Secrets!"

Sneaky Headline Formula #8 -- Bonus:

"Do You Feel Frustrated With The ____ You've Been ____?"